Monday, October 4, 2010

Hipster angst

Nobody talked about hipsters a few years ago. Back then yuppies ruined the good neighbourhoods. But now most white Melburnians love talking about how they hate hipsters - even if they are hipsters themselves! This level of self-denial has not been observable amongst white Melburnians since they lamented the influx of tourists at Ko Phi Phi.

Despite being a tiny minority of Melbourne's population, hipsters generate huge levels of loathing and anger, making them kind of like boat people for white Melburnians. But you won't hear Melbourne white people calling for the assimilation of hipsters into white Melburnian culture, as white Melburnians prefer to assimilate themselves into hipster culture. But more hipsters can only be a good thing for Melbourne. Who else is going to make our coffee?


  1. And ensure the income of tattoo parlours?

  2. Definitely. There's just not enough money in southern crosses and spider webs on the elbows.

  3. Hipsters cant make good coffee or anything of worth. Their deluded apathetic egos and distorted cultural opinions prevents them from producing anything of substance.
    Hipsters pfft!