Sunday, November 15, 2009


Even though their currency is worth twice as much as ours, Europeans like Couchsurfing because it saves them money. On the other hand, white Melburnians like Couchsurfing because it’s a good travel website but also because it’s an excellent dating website. The most persuasive evidence for which is one of the boxes you must tick in order to become a member. It says “I understand that Couchsurfing Is NOT A Dating Site”. This warning enhances the potency of Couchsurfing as a dating site by enabling its users to convince themselves and their friends that it “happened out of nowhere” and that it was “so random”. Everybody conveniently ignores the fact that Couchsurfing includes photos, lists of interests, and lets you choose who stays over and who doesn’t, allowing couchsurfers to be tailor-made for your bed. Nor does it matter that your couchsurfer was only the fourth good-looking twenty-something Scandinavian to stay at your place in the last three months.

Couchsurfing would never be used to seduce English people because they are too similar to Australians and thus can only provide sex. While Scandinavians can still supply white Melburnians with sex; they also provide a unique cultural experience. This is just as well because Scandinavian food is really bland.

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